Rule book

The Association of Artists „ARTIST“ and the music school „Kornelije Stanković“ Ugljevik-Bijeljina, within the event „DAYS OF THE ACCORDION“ in 2021 are organizing the first online competition for soloists on the accordion, chamber ensembles and orchestras.

  1. The competition is open to all primary and secondary school students as well as students of music academies of all nationalities from the country and abroad.


  1. The competition takes place in categories in accordance with the propositions. The soloists perform the program by heart and in its entirety. Chamber ensembles and orchestras are not obliged to perform the program by heart.



  1. The work of the jury is regulated by a special rulebook. The student competition is judged by an international jury composed of the most eminent music pedagogues and concert performers. The decisions of the jury are final and irrevocable! A member of the jury does not have the right to evaluate the candidate to whom he is a teacher and with whom he is related.


  1. Competitors are awarded prizes, commendations and diplomas for participation according to the following principle:

First prize: 90.00-100 points

Second prize: 80.00-89.99 points

Third prize: 70.00-79.99 points

Competitors with 60.00-69.99 points win praise

All other competitors will be awarded a diploma for participation.

The number of prizes is not limited. If more competitors aspiring to the title of category laureate have the same number of points, preference is given to the younger candidate.

All category winners receive:

– Medals and diplomas

– Cash prize in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations

– The right to participate in the laureate concert within the XII „Accordion Day“, which will be held in June 2021.

– The absolute winner of the competition received a trophy and a diploma.

  1. For the competition it is necessary to submit:
  2. Accurate data filled in (name, surname, date of birth, telephone, place, country, category, program …)
  3. Proof of payment
  4. Birth certificate
  • The video of the competitor is sent (preferably) in Mp4 format
  • The recording must clearly show the instrument, face and hands of the performer (soloist), accompanist, duo, ensemble, orchestra
  • Interruption of the video is not allowed, as well as editing or playback
  • The recording that does not meet the specified conditions will be returned, with a request to submit a new one as soon as possible, which complies with this rulebook.


  1. Registration is later than may 25, 2021. The results of the competition will be published on the website on June 6, 2021.

All videos will be published on the official YouTube channel Accordion Days on July 4th.


  1. Cash registration fee for all categories in the discipline of soloists is 40 KM (20 euros)


In the discipline of chamber ensembles, the participation fee is: 80 KM (40 euros)

Orchestras: 100KM (50 euros)


  1. Registration fees should be paid to the bank account: „NASHA BANKA“ a.d. Bijeljina 554-001-00004757-69

With an indication for participation in the „Accordion Days“ competition.

(In case of cancellation of participation in the competition, the amount of the competition fee is not returned to the candidate)


  1. The organizer will provide cash prizes:

– to the winner of each category (in the discipline of soloists) in the amount of 100 KM (50 euros), except in category IX in which the cash prize is 400 KM (200 euros)

– If it happens that no more than 10 competitors take part in any competition category, the organizer will not pay the cash prize! Except in category IX where more than 12 competitors are required to perform.


  1. By participating in the competition, competitors automatically waive their right to material compensation for the eventual publication and distribution of music videos on CD, DVD releases and the Internet.


  1. By applying to the competition, the candidate together with his parent or guardian confirms that he accepts the conditions and rules of the competition

Competition director: Slavisa Peric, MA

Tel: 0038765 / 181-484